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Dear all runners around the world!
The Sihanoukville international half Marathon is built from 2012 for the purpose of protecting the environment and loving nature together with charity to support poor children in hospitals . It is following the step of the successful Angkor Wat international half Marathon to run for artificial limbs support land mine victims and disable people...
The Cambodian Marathon Committee has been extending this international event to one of the most beautiful beach in the world as the beach has been recognized by the international club of the most beautiful Bays in the world in May 2011. The serious matters of pollution, global warming, unexpected series of calamities on our globe in this century bring a very deep concern to us all.
To protect nature for the wellbeing of the mankind and the future generation is the vital task of us all.
We eagerly appeal to all runners around the world come to join and share your great concern of these
matters in the running event of the Sihanoukville international half Marathon.

Your great consciousness and participation to the 6th Sihanoukville International Half Marathon on 05th March 2017 should be very grateful and warmly welcomed in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

All the best wishes!
Event organizer